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Corporate Culture

Respect: Respect for our customers and respect for our team. Integrity: Treat customers and employees with sincerity and integrity. Focus: Focus providing the highest quality products and service. Flexibility: Flexible solutions to complex problems.

Environment Responsibility

The environment is the key to mankind’s survival and development. Every one should take responsibility for protecting the environment and contribute to sustainable development. MIA uses the low-emission standard engine during testing, we use unleaded fuel to reduce CO2 emissions and other harmful greenhouse gases.

Join Our Team

At MIA, We offer a salary that is competitive in our field and have established a proper and scientific remuneration distribution mode and a salary adjustment institution that are incentive-oriented. We show respect to value differences among different posts and set up a flexible salary system according to each post.

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MIA Handling Equipment Co., Limited is a professional material handling solution provider combining research, manufacturing, sales and service. MIA’s manufacturing hub is located in one of the biggest forklift manufacturing cities in China-Hefei; Closest ocean ports Shanghai & Nanjing. Our factory covers an area of 70,000 square meters, and has over 290 employees. Our factory has over 20 years of forklift manufacturing experience, with an average worker experience of over 7.5 years.