Electric forklift battery charging instructions

Electric forklift battery belongs to a system of electric energy into mechanical energy. When the power output is used up, it must be supplemented with current, otherwise the battery will have no effect, and the active substance of the battery will fall off. The normal charging current should form a certain comparison with the forklift battery, for example:48 v400ah, with a capacity of 0.14 times, can meet the basic requirements, more than the current value, overcharge, the battery electrolyte volatile too fast, once produce peculiar smell, so a forklift battery polar plate off powder, overcharge for capacity drops is soon, in order to avoid affect battery forklift, we must learn the correct way of charging,It can be done in this way: the current distribution on the plate is uniform, the resistance is small, can reduce the loss of charging current.The gas separation of the battery, the small cover around the negative and positive electrode, increases the internal resistance of the battery, aggravates the ohmic polarization, and affects the charging current efficiency.
Thickness and porosity of the active material on the positive electrode of the battery.If the porosity of the active material is large and the plate is thin, the electrolyte diffusion is favorable, and the polarization effect decreases.Discharge depth.
The deeper the depth of discharge, the positive active material Pbo: greatly reduced and the cathode active material Pb, need to increase in the number of material transformation by charging, charging that take part in the reaction product is more, so as to improve the charge acceptance, we do not recommend the charger to, break everyone knows this truth, nasty imitation is very hurt electric forklift battery.

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