Operation of reach truck forklift

Precautions for Operation of reach truck forklift:
(1) in the use of reach truck forklift, special attention should be paid to the correct maintenance of battery charging and battery in time.When the battery is charged, we should pay attention to the method, not only to make the battery fully charged, but also not to cause the battery to overcharge.
(2) In the operation of the reach truck forklift, try to minimize the use of long distance acceleration. When the vehicle starts and the speed increases, hold the accelerator pedal firmly. If the road condition is good, the vehicle will continue to accelerate.When the vehicle needs to decelerate, relax the accelerator pedal and tap the brake pedal gently, so that the energy of deceleration can be fully utilized. If the vehicle has regenerative braking function, the kinetic energy of deceleration can be recovered.When the vehicle is down the ramp, do not disconnect the circuit of the driving motor. Gently step down the brake pedal to make the vehicle run in the regenerative braking state, and reduce the energy consumption of the battery by using the kinetic energy of the vehicle down.
(3) In the operation of the vehicle, do not mistake the “forward and backward” direction switch for the steering switch.Do not push the brake pedal directly to the bottom unless an emergency deceleration is required.During the operation of the vehicle, when the battery power is found to be low (which can be obtained through the electricity meter, power supply deficit indicator light and other alarm devices), the battery should be charged as soon as possible to prevent excessive discharge of the battery.

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