2.0&4.0&6.0T Electric Tow Tractor


Main Technical Data

Model QDD2 QDD4 QDD6
Rated drawbar pull(N) 500 1000 1500
Max drawbar pull(N) 2000 4000 4500
Power Type Battery
Battery (V/Ah) 48/165 48/210 48/275
Electric Controller Danaher/Curtis
Dimension(mm) 1690x800x1236 1845x800x1236 1845x800x1236

Characteristics & Advantages

2-4-6T electric tow tractor use the AC power system ,include: fast response to operating commands, precise power control, regenerative system.
Economy of operation, resulting from minimized maintenance costs, e.g. Fully enclosed 3 phase AC asynchronous motor with height degree of efficiency maintenance free for life.
Battery is dropped down to the lowest parts of frame, this gives low tractor excellent stability because low center of gravity.
Lower step and capacious room design will be much appreciated by operators who have to get on and off low tractor.
Low noise, low shake, energy efficient.

Features & Functions

AC power system
Stand-on/seated operating
Front double-tire
Faster charging
Side-exchanged battery
Small dimension and round shape
Ergonomically designed switch, instrument
Easy maintenance