4.0-Mini 5.0T 4-Wheel Electric

Main Technical Data

Model CPD40 CPD45 CPD50M
Power Type Battery
Battery 80V/700A
Electric Controller ZAPI/DANNER/CURTIS
Rated Load Capacity (kg) 4000 4500 5000
Load Center (mm) 500
Overall Dimensions(without Fork)(LxWxH (mm)) 3015x1380x2300
Stand lifting height(mm) 3000 3000 3000

Characteristics & Advantages

Full AC power system include: fast response to operating commands, precise power control, compact components.

A fully enclosed chassis frame houses the drive motors

The hydraulic and drive components are protected against dirt and water.

Integrated steering cylinder in the chassis, provides greater cornering stability

Three independent braking systems: A:Regenerative braking system B:Front wheel brake drum system C:Toggle-type parking brake.

Features & Functions

Full AC System
OPS System
Comfortable Operator Space
Fast Battery Charge and Long Battery Working Time
Lower Energy Consumption and Energy Regeneration Function
Easy-to-read operator display
Low Gravity
Joystick (Option)