The structural parts of the electric forklift shall not be seriously deformed

No matter what kind of forklift, in the process of driving and using, we need to pay attention to safety, especially for the electric forklift for cargo handling. If the goods fall down and hit people because of the failure of the electric forklift, it is not good. And the electric forklift in the process of using, the staff need to comply with what work safety requirements?

  1. Designate a forklift driver with an electric forklift driving license to prevent multiple drivers for one forklift.
  2. Forks are strictly prohibited from standing up and down. It is not allowed to use a single forks to take goods higher than the load.
  3. Top protection frame, block shelves must be complete and effective.
  4. The connection between the lifting cylinder and the door frame should be reliable, and the hinged connection between the inclined cylinder and the door frame and the frame should be reliable and sensitive, and the fit clearance should not be too large.The cylinder should be well sealed, no crack, smooth work.Under the rated load, the self-sink of Lomin frame is not more than 20mm, and the inclination is not more than 0.5 °.The lifting speed should not be less than half of the standard value at full load.
  5. The forks shall not be seriously deformed or derelapsed.There shall be no cracks or open welds on the surface of the forks.The root Angle of the forks shall not be greater than 93°, and the thickness shall not be less than 90% of the original size.The height difference between the left and right fork tips shall not exceed 3% of the length of the fork.The positioning of the forks should be firm, the supporting surface and positioning surface of the forks hook should not have obvious defects, and the fit gap between the forks and the forks frame should not be too large, and the movement should be smooth.

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