Use requirements for Electric forklift in cold storage

1.Don’t store and charge in the cold storage, otherwise it will lead to damage to the hydraulic system and electrical system.

2.Before entering the cold storage, you must do hydraulic and walking action for preheating, preheat 5-10 minutes before entering the cold storage operations;

3.According to the different cold storage level, cold storage electric forklift in the cold storage time to use in accordance with the following standards:
   3.1 higher than -18 degrees, don’t exceed 1 hour working time in the cold storage , the same proportion of operating time in or out of cold storage ;
   3.2  -18 degrees to -25 degrees, don’t exceed 15 minutes per hour working time in the cold storage;
   3.3 less than -25 degrees, prohibit the use.

4.Cold storage should build a temperature buffer, requiring the buffer temperature is 0 degrees, the humidity is less than 40%;

5. Keep the battery surface dry, regularly check the battery electrolyte level is reasonable in the range, the battery discharge can not be placed in a cold storage for a long time, in a timely manner to maintain the battery electrolyte to a larger proportion, to prevent the battery electrolyte freeze, forbid into the cold storage when the battery electricity lower;
6. Cold storage forklift must use cold storage dedicated hydraulic oil and gear oil, regular maintenance and replacement;
7. When the cold storage electric forklift failure, must be removed out cold storage as soon as possible, maintenance in the buffer area or maintenance area.

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