Using electric forklift anti-freezing skills in Winter

With the continuous progress of science and technology, forklift has also developed a lot of types, such as electric forklift, hydraulic forklift… Electric forklift battery as the main source of energy, can obtain the stability of voltage, current, stable power supply for a long time, influenced by the outside world of tiny electric current, simple structure and battery, not influenced by outside factors such as climate, temperature, stab and reliable performance, in modern society plays an important role in all aspects of life.

Electric forklift is small in size, flexible in operation, and suitable for small space, but with the arrival of winter, anti-freezing measures are particularly important, so it is necessary for relevant operators to carry out anti-freezing measures.

After the battery is fully charged, it should be as far as possible to be charged with use: in winter, once the electric forklift is found to be used up, it is necessary to charge in time to prevent the use of power deficit. If conditions permit, the battery of the electric forklift should always reach the full power state before going out, to avoid the occurrence of insufficient power at work.

Forced power extension of battery life: cold weather in winter, forklift in the uphill section, focus on the staff suggested that we should reduce acceleration, deceleration slow. Avoid frequent braking and emergency acceleration. If encountered obstacles, should brake in advance, thus reducing the battery burden.

Waterproof and moisture-proof battery: When the battery of an electric forklift enters the room from a low temperature outside, the surface of the battery will frost, so waterproof and moisture-proof treatment should be done.

Heat preservation measures: the battery is an important power source of electric forklift. The performance and temperature of the battery are closely related. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep the ambient temperature of the battery at 25℃. When the temperature is low in winter, the electric forklift should be stored indoors, and the battery should be kept warm and anti-freezing.

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