4-Direction Electric Reach Truck forklift Advantages

4-Direction Electric Reach Truck forklift gathers the functions of reach truck forklift, side fork and electric forklift.In the structure, it is basically the same as the reach truck forklift. The mast is located between the front and rear wheels, and the front of the forklift is provided with two arm-like inserted legs. The front end of the inserted legs is equipped with a support wheel.goods can be moved with the mast in the forklift longitudinal before and after.When the forklift is unloaded, the forklift extends out, and after the forklift is unloaded, the forklift returns to the middle position close to the car body, so the stability of the forklift is greatly improved.The difference with the forward forklift is that the two load-bearing wheels at the front end of the fork leg of the 4-Direction Electric Reach Truck can be rotated 90° through the steering mechanism. When the rear wheel is rotated 90°, the whole forklift can be changed from the state of driving before and after to the left and right, equivalent to the side fork, so it is suitable for long material handling of narrower channels.The minimum channel width can usually be less than 2 meters.

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