Analysis of the advantages of electric forklift

Analysis of the advantages of electric forklift:
Is to carry goods useful logistics handling Settings, to follow the difference of the energy system, trucks can be divided into: manual trucks, semi-electric trucks, all-electric trucks.In this manual truck, the lifting and landing of the pallet goods are finished by the hydraulic system driven by talent, and the handling operation is finished by human pulling.The operation of the all-electric carrier adopts the electric discharge control system, without manual control, which is a kind of handling tools that saves time and effort.Therefore, in the work site with high operating frequency and high operating intensity, all-electric moving vehicles are often selected.
(1) the dissatisfied drive system makes the electric truck respond more quickly, operate more correctly, and run more clearly.
(2) the new communication manipulator, reliable quality, excellent function, can make the movement function of the electric truck to achieve the outstanding form under the different operating forms.
(3) the sealing function is good, the noise is low, the vibration is small, to ensure that the lifting and landing of the electric truck fork is reliable.
(4) reliable quality of the system integrated plug-in and electrical parts, all wires and cables have reliable constant protection, greatly reduced electrical problems.
(5) critical reverse driving function, in the process of driving backwards, once the operator secretly environmental objects, the operator will respond naturally with the body to hit the reverse button of the handle, the electric truck immediately critical reverse driving, so that the operator can prevent damage.No fork leg design, the front end of the electric truck without obstacles, may as well adapt to a variety of operating occasions.
(6) lengthen the body, add the vehicle weight, the use of balance in the process of fork lifting love, keep the electric truck stable, arc integration design, beautiful and generous.
(7) specially designed drive electromechanical, supply stronger energy, in the full load of electric truck, continue to retain the high-speed operation, make the operation more extensive and more efficient.
(8) the emergency stop button, only by pressing the button can cut off all the power supply, the electric van immediately stop.
(9) the front frame of the circular arc design is to improve the reliability of the front frame in the process of going up, and to prevent the electric truck from clamping incidents.
(10) High strength electric forklift body design, conform to high strength employment occasions, reduce the swing in the process of electric truck driving, long service life, arc integration design, beautiful and generous.

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