Electric forklift lead-acid battery maintenance of equalizing charging

The equalizing charging of electric lift trucks in the lead-acid storage battery , is balanced battery charging, the characteristic of it is to point to in the process of the battery, because the battery of individual difference, temperature difference causes such as battery terminal voltage imbalance, in order to avoid the deterioration of the unbalanced trend, need to improve the charging voltage of battery pack, to activate the battery charge.
If there is one of the following circumstances, all should be through the line of balanced charging:

  1. The discharge voltage often drops below the termination voltage;
  2. When the discharge current value is often too large;
  3. Failure to charge in time after discharge;
  4. electrolyte mixed with less harmful impurities;
  5. Insufficient charging for three consecutive times or unused for a long time;
  6. After the electrode group is removed for inspection or removal of sediment;
  7. Use constant current to charge the batteries in normal use every two months, and use intelligent charging to charge the batteries in normal use every half a month.

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