Electric forklift Operation Instructions (1)

Electric forklift Operation Instructions (1)

Safety guidelines

1.1 Untrained personnel are not allowed to operate electric forklifts.

1.2 Before use, the electric forklift truck should be inspected, focusing on the fork wheels, rollers, door frame, chain, battery and all fasteners, shafts and pins.

1.3 Electric forklift trucks should be used on flat ground rather than on slopes.

1.4 Do not lift or drop the goods in the process of forklift to avoid falling of the goods.

1.5 The forks of the electric forklift are strictly prohibited to carry people, and no one is allowed to stand under the forks.

1.6 When lifting the goods, do not touch the door frame to prevent clamping.

1.7 During the lifting and transportation of goods, the operator should be located 600mm away from the fork frame of the electric forklift.

1.8 Forks should be placed in balance. Goods should be evenly distributed on two forks. No force should be exerted on one fork. The center of the width direction of the load should be in the center of the two cargo forks, and the load center should be 500mm near the root end of the cargo forks.

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