Operation of electric forklift truck

Electric forklift refers to the forklift truck to carry on the operation with electricity, most of them are for the battery work.And the battery is a kind of battery, its function is to be able to store the limited electric energy, in the appropriate place to use.It works by converting chemical energy into electrical energy.So, how should the specific electric forklift be operated?
First step down the clutch pedal, start the engine, gradually add oil to raise the temperature of the engine, properly operate the multi-way valve, and lift the cargo fork off the ground about 15-20cm.Then you have to put low gear, choose forward or backward gear, light lift clutch, slow refueling door, forklift start.
When arriving at the pick-up place, slow down the speed, adjust the height and level of the forks, gently step on the clutch, semi-linkage, adjust the direction, and only the arrival forks are all forked into the goods.Oil lifting forks, 15-20cm above the ground.When moving the forklift, the speed should be slow, the car should be steady, and the brake should be used less.This needs to be familiar with the operation, more practice can be mastered.When the forklift arrives at the place, slow down the speed and gently move the joystick. When the goods are stable, the forklift can be returned after being vacated.

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