1.6-2.5T Reach Truck(Sit-down)

Main Technical Data

Model FBRS16(CQD16) FBRS18(CQD18) FBRS20(CQD20) FBRS20H(CQD20H)
Operation Sit-down
Power Type Battery(Hawker)
Battery 48V/420Ah 48V/560Ah 48V/700Ah
Electric Controller ZAPI  ZAPI
Rated Load Capacity(kg) 1600 1800 2000
Load Center(mm) 500  500
Maximal Lift Height(mm) 8000  8000 10000
Reach Distance 560 488 560
Overall Dimensions(without Fork)(LxWxH(mm)) 2565x1270x2220 2635x1270x2220 2735x1270x2220

Characteristics & Advantages

Ergonomic design and high performance supported by innovative technology help MIA reach trucks become the perfect solution for various application. Whether use in operating in pallet, drive-through or drive-in racking. Whether for narrow areas or low clearances.MIA reach truck will always be your good assistant in stacking.

Features & Functions

Full AC System
OPS System (Sit-in type)
EPS Steering System
Electromagnetic Braking system
Lower Energy Consumption
Easy-to-read operator display
Assistance System to fit in your specific working condition
Emergency Stop Switch