2.0-3.0T IC Tow Tractor


Main Technical Data

Model QCD20 QCD25 QCD30
Towing weight(Kg) 26000 33000 36000
Max.Drawbar pull(Kn) 20 25 30
Travel speed(Km/h) 30 32.5 25.5
Engine Isuzu/Nissan/Yanmar
Transmission Okamura(Japanese)
Tire size front:6.5-10   rear:7.00-12
Dimension(mm) 3020x1480x1826

Characteristics & Advantages

QCD20-30 IC towing tractor’s body choosing modern large circular arc streamline surface modeling, low chassis body, and the cab layout, rich visual sense of tension and strong driving force, is in accordance with international design trend.
The hydrodynamic drive system prevents the misoperation of shifting gear.
Adopt horizontal cylinder steering axle and full hydraulic steering gear, the steering force is less than 10N. Optional synchronous steering system provide good stability, especially suitable for lone-distance road in the airport and so on.
Low speed high torque motor match well with high efficient transmission, and power is strong, the vehicle with high efficiency, excellent of the economy.
Vehicle use non-asbestos material.
Easy maintenance: You can open the cover, the engine, fuel tank, water tank, oil pump, steering gear, brake master cylinder are all exposed, the structure is conducive to the maintenance.

Features & Functions

Japanese original engine and gearbox
Full-closed cabin
Transmission temperature warning
Neutral safety switch
Engine oil pressure warning
Sun shield
Rear combined LED
Vacuum assistant braking system