Type of pallet truck

Classification of pallet truck:
Pallet Truck is mainly divided into:
Manual pallet truck: manual hydraulic truck, high lifting shear truck, electronic scale truck, electric pallet truck, etc
Semi-electric truck: semi-electric truck, semi-electric pallet truck, etc
All electric forklift truck: all electric truck, all electric pallet truck, electric pallet truck, etc
Manual pallet truck and electric truck are used for plane point to point handling tools.The compact and flexible size makes the manual pallet car suitable for almost any occasion.But because it is manual operation, when carrying about 2 tons of heavy goods is more difficult, so it is usually used for about 15 meters of short distance frequent operations, especially in the loading and unloading area.In each link of future logistics, manual pallet truck will also assume the connecting role between each transport link. Each truck or truck will be equipped with a manual pallet truck, which will make loading and unloading more convenient and free from site restrictions.When the plane handling distance is about 30 meters, the driving speed is controlled by the stepless variable speed switch on the handle, to follow the speed of the operator walking, and to reduce the fatigue of the personnel at the same time, to ensure the safety of the operation.If the main carrying route distance is more than 30 meters to about 70 meters, the electric pallet car with folding pedals can be used, and the driver can stand and drive, and the speed can b

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